Midfield Terminal Building

Designed  to  be  a  future  hub  of Etihad Airways and serve towards achieving  the  Abu  Dhabi  2030 vision. 

MAP Surveys have been appointed to undertake the 3D laser scan 'as-built' survey  of  the  arches  in  the  central area.  The  as  built  survey  is  being conducted  using  a  lecia  scanstation P20 and a Leica Multistation. The  as  built  survey  output  will  be used  to  design  the  cladding  pannels to be installed on the arches. In  total  18  arch  claddings  will  be  3D scanned.

MAP surveys has also been appointed to undertake as-built survey of all the glass partitions to be installed in the MTB buildings. MAP Surveys surveyors are undertaking the surveys in pier1, pier2, pier 3, pier 4 and the central area of the MTB. 


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